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Bridal Styling

Your wedding will be the most wonderful Day of your life!

The Weeks and days before are mostly full with the last minute organisations’ and it is a lot of stress.

So that nobody will see the demanding time you went through I will take care of your beauty and make you feel comfortable and self confident.

I recommend that we do a few weeks before (4-5) a trial at your home, so we can figure out in a relaxed atmosphere what type of Make-up and which Hairstyling will fit your style, your dress and your personality perfectly.

I will give you tips how to prepare your skin and Hair the best way for the time until the big day so you look stunning.

At the wedding day, I will come to your home or wherever location you choose and I will leave when I am sure that everything sits perfect and you are ready for your groom.

If your mother, sister or bridesmaids may be interested also in a professional styling, just let me know!



Trial Make-up                              100$    

         inclusive Hairstyling           150$                

 Wedding Make-up                     150$

          inclusive Hairstyling         200$

1 additional Person Make-up     120$                       

          inclusive Hairstyling           170$                                  

 2 additional Persons                   100$  p.P.

     inclusive Hairstyling                150$  p.P.

3 additional Persons                      80$ p.P.

          inclusive Hairstyling            120$ p.P.

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